Cape May-Lewes Ferry

Thu, 10/10/2013 - 10:30 -- mleone
43 Cape Henlopen Drive

Welcome Aboard the Cape May-Lewes Ferry! Heading south, it's the relaxing way to reach Delaware's tax-free shopping and beach attractions. Going north, you can visit the scenic and historic destinations of southern New Jersey. Drive on or walk on—our convenient shuttle buses will get you around on the other side. The ferry ride itself is pleasant and scenic, and terminals on both sides are destinations in and of themselves, with enjoyable restaurants, outdoor cafés and well-stocked gift shops. We often have special events and programs, from fireworks to music nights to fun, kid-oriented cruises. The ferries and terminals also have large, open rooms that are perfect for booking an event of your own. So, be sure to include the ferry in your plans this year! Rain or shine, a round-trip ferry ride is the perfect way to relax and get away for a few hours. You can explore our onboard gift shops, visit our floating arcade for kids or spend time in our comfy lounge areas with your favorite beverage and enjoy the view-and the ride. All of our vessels are equipped with air conditioning, WiFi, a lido bar and televisions.